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  • steamed rice €3.00

    japanese rice

  • vegetable fried rice €6.50

    rice, eggs, carrots, onions, soy & spring onions

  • Japanese fried rice €8.75

    chicken or beef, egg, rice, carrot, onions, pepper, soy & spring onions

  • foodisland special rice €12.50

    fried rice with chicken, beef, seafood & vegetables.


  • stir fried beef noodles €8.50

    stir fry beef slivers, vegetables, mushrooms, finished with our homemade sauce & egg noodles.

  • chicken noodles €7.60

    stir fry chicken, vegetables, mushrooms , finished with our homemade sauce & egg noodles

  • seafood noodles €8.90

    prawns, tuna, salmon, stir fry vegetables, finished with our homemade sauce soy sauce & egg noodles

Sashimi, 4 pieces

  • Salmon Sashimi €7.70

    sliced raw salmon, julian carrots & cabbage

  • Tuna Sashimi €7.85

    sliced raw tuna, julian carrots & cabbage

  • White Fish Sashimi €7.50

    sliced raw sea base, julian carrots & cabbage

nigiri, 2 pieces

  • Salmon Nigiri €4.00

    finely sliced raw salmon & rice

  • Prawn Nigiri €3.50

    finely sliced raw prawns & rice

  • Tuna Nigiri €4.10

    finely sliced raw tuna and rice

  • Eel Nigiri €4.50

    finely sliced raw eel & rice

sushi special ROLLS, 8 pieces

Japanese Curry

  • Chicken Katsu Curry €11.50

    chicken coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs, covered in an aromatic curry kadai don sauce & homemade soy sauce served with steamed rice

  • Chicken Katsu Don €11.70

    crispy breaded chicken breast, sliced onions, homemade soy sauce & egg laid on Japanese rice

  • Beef Bulgogi €22.50

    pan grilled rib eye served with egg fried rice or noodles with kimchi

Poke Bowl

  • Salmon Poke Bowl €14.50

    salmon, rice, wakame, pickled ginger, ponzo sauce & cucumber

  • Tuna Poke Bowl €15.50

    tuna, rice, wakame, pickled ginger, panzu sauce & cucumber

  • Mixed Poke Bowl €18.50

    salmon, rice, tuna, prawn, seabass, pickled ginger, pnzu sauce & cucumber


  • Spicy Salmon Gunkan €5.50

    chopped salmon marinated in siracha & spring onions

  • Spicy Tuna Gunkan €6.50

    chopped tuna marinated in siracha & spring onions

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